Magnificent Kids Reading Club

Our club is designed to promote a love of reading in children and help them develop essential literacy skills. We believe that reading is not only a great way to learn about the world but also an excellent tool for improving children’s cognitive abilities, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills.

At Magnificent Kids reading club, we provide a safe and supportive environment where children can share their love of reading with like-minded peers. Our book selections are carefully curated to suit the interests and reading levels of children of different ages, ensuring that everyone can find a book they will enjoy.

In addition to providing access to great books, our club also offers a range of exciting activities and events that foster a love of reading. From author visits and book discussions to writing competitions and reading challenges, our club has something for everyone.

Our goal is to inspire and motivate children to read and help them develop a lifelong love of learning. Join us today and discover the joy of reading!

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What is included in the monthly Membership?

Sign your child up for our reading club right now!  At only R99 per month, your child will get the following:

  • Weekly stories to read
  • Certificates for completed stories
  • Prizes and other gifts for good progression
  • Monthly recognition on our Facebook page

How does it work?

  • Parents sign-up with a monthly membership of R99
  • No obligation or yearly commitments.  Cancel at any time
  • Receive reading package every week via email
  • The child gets to take part in monthly competitions
  • Recognition on Facebook and other social media (only with parent’s permission)

Sign-up process...

  1. Fill out the membership application: Once you’ve chosen a membership level, you’ll typically need to fill out an application form. This may be done online or in person, depending on the organization.
  2. Provide payment information: You’ll usually need to provide payment information to sign up for a monthly membership. This may include a credit card number, bank account information, or other payment details.
  3. Review and agree to the terms and conditions: Before finalising your membership, you’ll typically need to review and agree to the terms and conditions of the membership. This may include details about fees, cancellation policies, and other important information.
  4. Submit your application: Once you’ve completed all the necessary steps, you can submit your application and await approval. Some organisations may require additional documentation or verification before approving your membership.
  5. Enjoy your membership: Once it is approved, you can start enjoying the benefits and perks that come with it. Be sure to take advantage of everything the membership offers to make the most of your investment.
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