Developing phonemic awareness

One of the best ways to help your child develop phonemic awareness is through practising “blending”. Being able to blend and segment words helps children to read and spell.

According to the National Reading Panel, blending helps children develop reading skills where printed letters are turned into sounds which combine to form words.

Start blending practice with some ear training with your child. Simply take words from your daily speaking to your child and include blending sounds into your sentences. For example, if you wanted to ask your child to drink his milk, you could say: “Joe, d-r-i-n-k your mmmiillllk.” The words drink and milk are sounded out slow and “stretchy”.  

You can set the level of sound separation to increase or lower the difficulty. Thus, if Joe has a tough time figuring out that d-r-i-n-k means to drink, you can lower the difficulty by blending the word as dr-ink instead.

Below are some sample words which you can use to play with blending sounds activities with your child.

  • J-u-m-p   J-ump 
  • Juuuuummmmp
  • R-u-n   R-un 
  • Rrrrruuuuunnn
  • S-i-t   S-it   Sssssit
  • S-t-a-n-d   St-and 
  • Ssssstaaaannnd
  • M-i-l-k   M-ilk 
  • Mmmmmillllk
  • S-t-o-p   St-op 
  • Ssssstooooop

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