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It has been established that most children suffer at school because their reading skills have not been developed sufficiently.  We have the privilege of teaching children these skills without necessarily being able to read yet, but to improve their cognitive skills, which helps with reading and learning in the long term.

Magnificent Kids specialises in reading courses that will allow you to help school children improve their reading and earn a lucrative income.  This means that it is a win-win situation where you earn an income while building into the lives of young children.

How does the business work?

You can present the lessons at your own home, rent a class at school, or set up a full reading centre.  The choice is yours.  Whichever you decide on, you spend one hour per day with children developing and improving their reading skills.  We allow only one agency per town or city suburb to ensure that all competition is eliminated.  This way different agents can work with each other rather than against each other.

Children follow a specific program, in which you will receive full training, which is included in the purchase price of the agency.  The program consists of 32 weeks of reading lessons.  If you present the lessons during school terms, it is sufficient for a full school year.

Once the children complete the 32 weeks of reading lessons, you have the option to purchase an advanced course which you can also present to children.  The lessons are not limited to the one-year course, but many other optional extras are available, which will be discussed at a later stage.

This way, we guarantee that children are challenged to improve their reading skills until grade seven.  The course can be done with children as young as three years of age.

Children are not limited to starting with the course at the beginning of the year but anytime throughout the year.  This way, you don’t have to wait until the new year to start your business, which will give you the opportunity to start generating income immediately.

Magnificent Kids specializes in reading courses that will give you the opportunity not only to help school children improve their reading but also to earn yourself a lucrative income.  This means that it is a win-win situation where you earn an income while building into the lives of young children.

Income potential

At a fee of R499 per month per child, you can earn R49 900 p/month, working only four hours daily, four days a week.  Does that sound inviting enough?

Over and above the financial increase, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing children improve their reading skills and improved marks on their reports.  This automatically increases their self-esteem, which will help them do even better in school.


Before you can start with your agency, we will give you full training via Zoom meetings at a time convenient for both of us.  The training usually takes about 10 hours, which can be split up into 5 two-hour sessions.


To get started with your agency, you have a once-off investment of R6000, which will include all your training and marketing, which we will do for you – (payment options available).  You will get a Facebook page, electronic business cards and flyers to get you started with your business.  We also help you advertise your agency most efficiently in your local area and support you each step of the way. 

There is also an R750 monthly fee to keep your Facebook page up to date with regular adverts and for ongoing support each month.

The way forward

We want to invite you to a zoom meeting where we will discuss this opportunity in more detail.  We will gladly answer any questions during the meeting if you have any questions.  Complete the form below to book your session now! 

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