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  • Adventures in Friendship Land advert

    Adventures in Friendship Land – A magical journey of friendship

    Adventures in Friendship Land, an ebook for kids aged 10-13.
    This story talks about the challenges and commitment of friendship and how to overcome obstacles in your friendship journey.
  • Beginning Blends

    Beginning blends


    Beginning Blends is an activity book with 32 pages of different sounds that blend together to form words, such as bl, br, ch, cl, and much more, plus words that you can form with these sounds.  Give your child a head start and help them improve their reading by teaching them these blending sounds and the words they can build using these letters.

  • Carly’s colourful adventure (E-book)


    Carly’s colourful adventure takes your child on a journey where they can imagine themselves in a beautiful setting with colourful surroundings where everything is peaceful.  Carly takes time to enjoy the small things on her journey and this short story might just get your youngsters to see the beautiful side of life.

    This short story ends of with a few questions which can lead to a more in-depth discussion, but at the same time tests the child’s cognitive skills as well as their memory.  With the five short questions that they can easily answer based on information in the story, you can help them delve into the treasures of their imagination and create a passion for stories and reading.

    Suitable for kids aged 7-9.

  • A little seed’s big dream cover

    The little seed’s big dream (E-book)


    A little seed called Sammy, struggled to see his own potential.  That is until Callie the caterpillar shows him what he is capable of.  This book teaches kids from a young age to believe in themselves and to value their own potential. SuitablE for children aged 7-9.