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  • Empowering emotional regulation in kids


    Introducing our transformative course on “Empowering Emotional Regulation in Kids”! 🚀 Do you wish your child had the tools to navigate their emotions effectively? Are you looking for practical strategies to support them in managing stress, anxiety, and frustration? Look no further! In our comprehensive course, designed by child development experts, parents and educators alike…

  • become a

    How to write and publish your own children’s book


    Have you always dreamed of writing your very own children’s storybook?  Then this course is just for you.  When you work through the 12 modules, and complete the practical worksheets, you will be well on your way to writing your first children’s book.  And this could lead to more books which in the end can…

  • Ready to Read – teaching your children to read (9-part mini course)


    In this short 9-part mini course you will quickly find out how easy it is to teach your children to read in only 10 minutes a day.  This short course teaches you the different parts of the learning process including: Phonics Phonemic awareness Blending letters to form words Learning whole words Learning rhyming words Developing…

  • Ready to Read Program


    Do you think 10 minutes a day can make a change in your child’s education?  Yes, it definitely can.  No more sitting with children for hours, struggling to get them to read.  Our reading program is set up in such a way that you can take the program and work through each lesson with your…

  • Sale!

    Understanding and teaching children with learning disabilities

    Original price was: R997.00.Current price is: R749.00.

    Welcome to the pre-launch of our comprehensive self-paced course on teaching children with learning disabilities! This course is designed to equip educators and caregivers with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to effectively support children with learning disabilities in their learning journey. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect: Introduction to Learning Disabilities: Gain…

  • Leer lekker lees advertensie

    Leer lekker lees


    Dink jy 10 minute per dag kan ‘n verskil maak in jou kind se opvoeding?  Verseker kan dit!  Geen meer gesit met kinders vir ure lank wat sukkel om te lees nie.  Ons leesprogram is op so ‘n manier uiteen gesit dat jy die program kan neem en deur elke les met jou kind werk in slegs 10 minute per dag.  Geen meer stress, geen meer gesukkel.

    ‘n Eenvoudige, maklike program wat ouers help om hul kinders te leer lees in slegs 12 weke.  Sukkelende lesers wys aansienlike vordering in hul leesvermoe in so gou as vier tot ses weke.

    Ingesluit in die program:

    • 32 klaar voorbereide lesse
    • Speletjies en ander pret aktiwiteite
    • Gediggies
    • Kortverhale

    Die hele program is in digitale formaat.  Bestel nou reeds jou leesprogram om nie uit te mis op hierdie winskopie nie.

  • Become a Kid’s Life Coach


    Do you want to make a difference in the lives of children or teenagers? 

    Do you believe you have something to share with them? 

    By completing our Kids Life Coaching course, turn your passion into an income by starting a profitable coaching career.  The course consists of 12 documents that include videos and worksheets to help you start your coaching career in no time.  The videos and worksheets are available for downloading immediately after purchase and consist of the following lessons:

    1. What is a Kids’ Life Coach?
    2. How do I present and behave myself as a Kid’s Life Coach?
    3. Building rapport
    4. The seven areas of the kid’s life you will be coaching
    5. Physical development
    6. Spiritual development
    7. Mental development
    8. Relational development
    9. Social development
    10. Financial development
    11. Career development
    12. Building a profitable coaching business

    The lessons are available immediately after purchase, and you have lifetime access to it.  You can work through the course at your own pace without a time limit.  Ideally, you should work through no more than two videos per week, as this challenges you to face certain issues in your own life before coaching kids.

    With each lesson, you also get a worksheet to complete.  Send these completed to  After completing all 12 lessons, you will also have access to a one-on-one Zoom meeting with the CEO of Magnificent Kids, Adri van Rooyen, who will guide you on how to launch your coaching business.